It is time we stop asking ourselves what the government is going to do to stop our problems. Christians describe their God as omniscient, omnipresent and eternal. The Federal government has the NSA, CIA and FBI, along with many other intelligence agencies. They could tear your life apart in weeks and know every major detail about it, down to your shoe size. This sounds pretty close to omniscient to me. Manifestations of the government are everywhere, and close to omnipresent: roads, street lights, and all other infrastructure to start. While the government is not eternal, it has been around for our entire lives and most likely will be until we die. We submit ourselves to its laws and live in fear of them, in fear of incarceration. This sounds a lot like hell to m—anyway. We pay our taxes to this higher power without question. This is one hell of a bold statement, but I am going to say it: The United States Government, to some degree, is no different from any religion. If you believe the people at the top are truly interested in your own best interest, you are out of your mind.

They are all crooked; I do not trust a single politician with a law degree.  Would you let a lawyer give you advice on how to handle your retirement fund? To design a model for government health care? To tell you he knows best when it comes to creating jobs? Why do we entrust politicians with these tasks, rather than the financial advisors, doctors or entrepreneurs? And why would a lawyer want a position he is not trained for? Greed. Personal gain. Fame. Sex. Low Self-Esteem. Nobody becomes a politician because they actually want to help people, or do what is in the best interest of the country. They are trying to get elected and re-elected based on what they think people want, then go dick around and argue with each other without actually accomplishing anything important. I do not know how to fix the political system, and there is no immediate answer to fixing it. Changing the way the structure of government and how it operates will take time, but we all need to come together to light the fire our country so desperately needs.