In wake of the recent tragedies that have shocked our nation, I pose a question of opinion for the general public:

Person A suffers from a combination of mood and personality disorders and has been prescribed anti-depressants. He has received several possible diagnoses from multiple Psychiatrists. The mood disorders Person A may suffer from include Dysthymic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder Manic Depression (Bi-Polar II), and Major Depression. The personality disorders he may suffer from are: Avoident, Borderline, and Dependent. Because of these conditions, he was recently referred to a partial hospitalization program for a more specific diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of these conditions. His friends and family would describe person A as an introvert, though he is seen has highly intelligent. He owns a gun.

Person B was raised in a Catholic family and attended Catholic schools his entire life and continued Catholic education when he attended college. He majored in Chemistry, and plans on going to graduate school for Neuroscience. He enjoys playing hockey in his spare time and has a close knit group of friends and family is very important to him. His grades are not perfect, but he has done his best in school. He has never been convicted of any crimes and is often seen as a passive person who is always looking out for others.

Based on these descriptions, which person do you think is more likely to commit a violent crime?

Trick question. They are the same person. That person is me, a 21 year old male attending college in Upstate New York. For those of you that this raises concerns with, the gun I own is an air rifle I bought for thirty dollars at Wal-Mart and is lethal only to birds.

The descriptions of two seemingly different people show how people can jump to conclusions based what details are provided or omitted. The recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut has sparked numerous debates about how to prevent this tragedy from repeating itself. Gun control and mental health awareness are the two biggest topics being discussed right now. The problem is not firearm availability and the problem is not the treatment of mental illness, it is much larger. If we could have fixed human nature through government policies and programs, we would have done so by now. The problem with this whole issue is a complete loss of the concept of morality. I do not think Adam Lanza was inherently immoral or amoral. I do not think his actions were entirely a manifestation of mental illness. This tragic event that occurred in Newtown is a product of the evolution of societal nature and what our culture views as acceptable.