I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I have an awful taste in women. I’ve dated an ugly psycho, a hot psycho, a ditzy bartender and a hippie. Granted, some might assume I’m psycho, but any crazy thoughts I have I generally keep to myself and don’t project them upon others unless I am very intoxicated, but who doesn’t do that when they’re drunk? Anyways, none of these women are my type! None of them were intelligent and few were athletic. I’m a chemist and I play hockey. A jock that actually uses his brain more than his braun, but still uses the latter only when necessary. The current woman I’m interested in has no interest in me and I know it. An attractive athlete, but no brain. So why do I think this is a good idea? I can’t explain myself at all. I could easily be dating a future nurse anesthetist or a future veterinarian (and both are attractive), but for some reason knowing I could have them makes me uninterested. Men like variety and we love the chase. I usually think pretty rationally, yet when it comes to women I seem to enjoy my own self-destruction through completely irrational behavior. I guess i can rationalize it to myself as pushing my limits, seeing if I can have something just because someone told me I couldn’t. I’m an idiot. I’ve become a lot better at regulating my emotions in other aspects, but when it comes to women, I have no control.

Fuck it, might as well stay single. My bank account and sanity are better off that way